Anabel Englund debuts on Desert Hearts alongside RYBO & Lubelski for a grooving EP

Anabel Englund needs little introduction; the songstress has made a significant name for herself within the house circuit for her savvy vocal work, and later became a mainstay on the scene in co-founding her own Gari Safari imprint. Now, she finds herself on Desert Hearts for an inspiring EP alongside RYBO that is designed to shake the dancefloor.

Call U Rite Back starts off on a deceptively smooth note with its title opener, luring the listener into a false sense of security before exploding into a gritty tech house underlay that complements Englund’s warm vocals well. Classic influences add a nice twist to the finished product, summoning bits of nostalgia while maintaining a modern sensibility.

“Just For The High” — which features fellow Desert Hearts resident Lubelski — is equally infectious, starting off on a more impactful note with beefed up kicks and scintillating white noise. More subdued that the preceeding track, Call U Rite Back’s B-side is a veritable groover meant for the afterhours.

Finally, the EP closes with a Mark Jenkyns re-work of “Call U Rite Back.” Jenkyns’ re-imagining places the song in a deep house canvas. Englund’s vocals are subtly laced in, though the true centerpiece of this re-work is its instrumentation and arrangement.